Baby Boomers – Here’s What’s New: Housing Resources and the Fit Bracelet!

fitbracelethousingpicI don’t know about all of you, but every year I look forward to the holiday season and then by the end of it, I can’t wait for it to be over!  So, even though we’re headed into what I traditionally think of as the “gray months” of January and February, I’m happy that we’re on the downhill slide toward Spring!!

With the end of the busy holiday season, I hope to get back on a regular blogging schedule, for I have been sadly remiss in my posting.  However, the good thing about being self-employed and doing freelance work is that one can set one’s own schedule!  I truly enjoy this bit of freedom after years and years of marching to someone else’s tune.

One of the things I did have time to do during the last couple of weeks was read and I learned about a great new resource for Baby Boomers called, a new website and publication from Rent Media Solutions.   The site and publication were developed to help senior, Boomers, and their children find information and resources on housing, as well as information on helping plan for retirement.

The website is very user-friendly and even includes a needs assessment to help the visitor with identifying the appropriate level of housing or facility.  There is also information on health and wellness, as well as finances, long-term care insurance, and spiritual well-being.

Copies of the AFTER55 Magazine tailored for several states and major metropolitan areas are also available on the website for download.  These include Atlanta, Colorado, Columbus, Minneapolis, Orlando, Phoenix, Sacramento, San Diego, South Florida, and Tampa.

With the population of the United States projected to be more than 50% Baby Boomers, this is an idea whose time has come.  According to Terry Slattery, president of For Rent Media Solutions,’s main priority is to provide outstanding marketing solutions and valuable housing resources for consumers.  The website and publication meet the needs of this rapidly growing market by providing user-friendly tools for seniors, Baby Boomers, and their children to search for housing online.

Many of today’s and future communities will house multiple generations and even seniors from three separate and distinct generations.  These will even have unique needs and is a valuable resource for these multiple generations to search for and find appropriate housing options that will appeal to this variety of lifestyles.


My next topic is brief.  My regular readers know I do not sell stuff on this blog nor do I promote items here by reviewing or acting like I’m reviewing something just to get my readers to “click-through” to buy an item so I will get a commission.  I just want to be very clear about this because I am about to recommend an item and I want to ensure my readers so they know I am recommending this item because I REALLY use it and LOVE IT!!  It’s the Fitness Bracelet!!  Have you seen them?  They are AWESOME!!  I have the NIKE+ FuelBand which allows me to track my activity all day no matter what I’m doing.  I can set my daily goal and when I hit it, my band goes green.  It’s also a watch, so I don’t need two things on my wrist.   There are a couple of versions by NIKE and they are all pretty good.  You can see reviews and the different styles on Amazon here.  I think they have the best prices.

The other one that I hear is good (I have a friend who is using one of these) is the Jawbone UP.  I have not used this one, so can’t personally vouch for it, but my friend likes hers.  The UP links to a mobile app instead of keeping track of your physical activity on the bracelet itself.  You can also read reviews and get more information on the UP on Amazon here.  If you’re like me and need a little motivation during the day to keep going, you may find these fit bracelets will work for you!  Remember, get up, get moving and LIVE OUT LOUD!!

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