Baby Boomers: Even Amazon’s Noticed You!!


Yesterday Amazon announced the launch of their newest micro store, the 50+ Active and Healthy Living Store, targeted directly at healthy and active Baby Boomers like you and me!  It’s not surprising that this retail giant has recognized the incredible buying power of the Baby Boomer market and is very smartly focusing on the segment that’s interested in products to help them stay healthy, active, fit, and beautiful, as well as those that will also help them travel, search the internet, and even regrow their hair.

According to Amazon’s press release, the 50+ Active and Healthy Living Store will feature hundreds of thousands of nutrition, wellness, exercise and fitness, medical, personal care, beauty, entertainment items and more – all in a single destination for customers in the 50+ age range. In addition to offering items for fast, free shipping through Amazon Prime and Super Saver Shipping, customers can also sign up to receive thousands of items – including everyday essentials like vitamins, incontinence care products and shampoo – delivered automatically to their home and at a discounted price via the Subscribe & Save program. The store will feature detailed product information, images, customer reviews, best sellers, recommendations and a Resource Center with tips on beauty, healthy eating, caregiving and various other topics to help customers discover products that are right for them.

“We’re excited to offer customers in the 50+ age range a place to easily discover hundreds of thousands of items that promote active and healthy living. This is a destination where a customer can purchase anything from vitamins and blood pressure monitors to skin care items and books on traveling the world,” said Chance Wales, Director of Beauty and Health & Personal Care for Amazon. “Our goal is to offer great prices on a vast selection of items and a robust Resource Center filled with tips on everything from boosting brain power to care-giving.”

Visitors to Amazon’s 50+ Active and Healthy Living Store will find a wide selection of items in the following categories:

  • Nutrition & Wellness: Vitamins and supplements, nutritional drinks and bars, etc.
  • Exercise & Fitness: Activity monitors, videos on active living, exercise equipment, athletic apparel, etc.
  • Health Care: Diabetes management items, over-the-counter medicines, first aid items, etc.
  • Medical Supplies: Blood pressure monitors, daily living aids, mobility aids, etc.
  • Incontinence: Briefs and underwear, pads and guards, cleansers, furniture protection, etc.
  • Personal Care: Men’s grooming needs, oral care, hair loss items, feminine care, etc.
  • Beauty: Skin care, bath and body items, fragrance, cosmetics, etc.
  • Travel & Leisure: Travel guides, travel bags, toiletries, etc.
  • Entertainment: Books, audio books, video, etc.

Amazon has several of these micro stores and I like them because they bring together products within a single niche.  With over 100 million products, it can be exhausting and time consuming to search Amazon and more often than not, you’ll get different results every time you search.  With a micro store, you can do a more focused search and be reasonably sure you’re getting all the products within your search parameters.

One of the features I really like is the Resource Center.  This center offers tips on Beauty 101, Losing Weight, Boosting Brainpower, and Caregiving, all provided by experts from  I read through the tips and they are excellent.  This is a real added benefit and something I bet we all eventually use.

Here’s the link: 50+ Active and Healthy Living.  Head on over and check it out for yourself.  It’s a pretty cool store with lots of interesting stuff!  Have fun!


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