Baby Boomers: By Jove, I Think He’s Got It!

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I think we would all agree that healthcare costs are out of control.  One of the things that Baby Boomers seem to be very good at, at least those of us who take an active (no pun intended) interest in our own health and quality of life, is figuring out the right foods, supplements and activities to keep us healthy as we age.  It’s really not rocket science, but it does take some work.  It also helps when there are easily accessible stores or markets to buy what we need.  Sure there’s always online, but the problem with that is being sure what you’re buying is truly what you’re going to get and not being able to see if before the purchase.  I’m very comfortable with technology, but also wary of it, especially when it comes to purchasing certain items.

Enter Barry Perzow, an entrepreneur in “wellness space”.  Yes, I know, I asked myself the very same thing, but it turns out that wellness space is that place in the pharmacy or the supermarket where all of the vitamins and supplements or organic foods are.  I only know of two people for sure who knew what that term meant, my dear friend Sandy, and Lorie Eber, the President of Lorie Eber Wellness Coaching.  Mr, Perzow believes that the next big market to boom (again, no pun intended) will be healthy aging and beauty and he plans to be in on the first big wave.

He says that Boomers, especially women Boomers are experts at very well attuned to the wellness movement.  That we have to be because we are often raising children at the same time we’re caring for aging parents and are open to advice and information.  We believe in the power of supplements and nutrition.  We exercise and stay active because we know the benefits of staying healthy first hand.  He also says something I found pretty profound – he said that “they aren’t buying the false promises being made by the beauty and pharma industry any more.”  Huh! I gotta say I agree with him on that one, at least from my perspective.

Mr. Perzow’s plan is to balance product with expertise. “We’ll seriously edit our product selection, offering only best in class — and sometimes product you won’t be able to find at other retailers,” says Mr. Perzow. “But what will really set us apart will be our staff. They will be accredited, licensed, trained and knowledgeable far beyond anything consumers have seen so far.”

If this works, what will prevent other supplement stores such as GNC from creating a boutique store and stealing Mr. Perzow’s market?

“The brand isn’t product,” says Mr. Perzow. “The brand is expertise. They can copy some of our product, but they can’t copy authenticity or passion or expertise. They simply won’t have the patience to put the emphasis on high-quality advice. Their model is based on selling product, no matter what.”

I like the sound of all of this, so will be following Mr. Perzow as he introduces his new concept, Cambrian Nutrition into the Canadian market first.  It will interesting to see if his belief in quality, one-to-one customer service, and Baby Boomer women knowing what we want will pay off.



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