About Helen Phillips Cockrell

hmcprez is really Helen Phillips Cockrell, President and CEO of HMC Associates.  Helen Phillips Cockrell is a retired USAF Officer, now a part-time executive management consultant specializing in applying technology to enhance healthy aging.  Helen began blogging in 2011 when she left the aging services industry after ten years as head of a non-profit and wasn’t sure what she wanted to do next.

Combining an extensive background in information systems and technology with deep expertise in aging and caregiver supportive services, Helen believes providing innovative solutions to address the challenges facing our Older Americans is imperative as they begin choosing how they want to spend their “Greater Years”.

Helen also believes that Baby Boomers hold the key to their quality of life as they age.  They can spend their “Greater Years” active, healthy and “Living Out Loud” or they can be hobbled by chronic diseases, frail, isolated, or even worse, in a wheelchair or bedridden.  It Ain’t the Age, It’s the Attitude and It’s Really Up to You!

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